Free Stuff for Schools

Much to our surprise, many schools each year inquire about purchasing site licenses for our games so that they can install them on their Mac's to let students play during recess or as rewards for good work. As happy as this makes us, we don't believe that schools should be spending education dollars on video games, so we have setup two generous policies to allow schools to get our games:


This policy was started back in 2000 (and is still active today), and it is open to all public schools, private schools, colleges, and public libraries anywhere in the world (home schools are excluded). It allows these institutions to install any of our games onto as many Mac's as exist at that school's location as long as they own at least 1 legitimate copy of the game to start with. So, if a school buys a single copy of Bugdom 2 for $19.95 and that school has 200 Mac's, then the school is free to install that copy of Bugdom 2 on all 200 Mac's completely free of charge.

There is no paperwork to fill out to get this free site license. If your system administrators need something in writing then please refer them to this web page. It is not even necessary to buy a single copy of the game if you already have a legitimate copy that came bundled with one of the Mac's. For example, if your school owns an old iMac that came with Otto Matic on it, then that counts as your 1 legitimate copy that you own, so you can just copy the game onto all of the other Mac's at the school.


This is a new policy in addition to the original free site license policy, and this new offer was started in April of 2006. It is only open to public K12 schools in the U.S.A. (sorry, colleges, private schools, and schools outside of the U.S. are only eligible for the Free Site License Policy above, but not the Free Serial Number Policy). Any public school in the U.S. can now request free serial numbers to any of our games. All of the games that we have developed are eligible for this free offer:  Pangea Arcade, Enigmo 2, Bugdom, Nanosaur, Enigmo, Billy Frontier, Otto Matic, Bugdom 2, Nanosaur 2, Enigmo 2, and Cro-Mag Rally. To request a free serial number for any/all of these games schools must do the following:


1.  A written request on official school letterhead should be mailed to:

Scholastic Offer
Pangea Software, Inc.
12405 John Simpson Court.
Austin, TX 78732-2112


2.  The letter must be signed by the principal of the school, and should include a list of which games are being requested along with the email address of the person at the school who should receive the serial numbers for those games.  The email address must be a .k12 email address or some other email address that is without a doubt for a public school (no addresses). An entire school district may request serial numbers rather than each individual schools, and in that case the letter should be signed from the person in charge of the school district (the superintendant).


3.  When the request is received, the free serial numbers will be emailed to the school.  The games can be freely downloaded from the Pangea web site at, and then activated with the serial numbers.

All we ask in return is that you make sure your students do not pirate copies of the games for themselves!

We also offer a large scholastic discount on our book, Pangea Software's Ultimate Game Programming Guide for Mac OS X. Click here to find out more about getting a 40% discount on that.

NOTE: We often get asked if our site license policy is open to home school groups. The answer is no. Home school collectives may not distribute copies of our games amongst themselves.

For additional information or questions, please contact