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PangeaVR Plug-in for Mac OS X

Download the PangeaVR plug-in for Mac OS X

PangeaVR is entirely free! The source code is also available, and we're looking for programmers to port it to other platforms such as Windows, Linux, etc.

What it is

• Pangea VR is a FREE web browser plug-in for Mac OS X that allows you to view VR panoramas with unprecedented quality and speed.

• You can view full-screen panoramas at frame rates typically in the 150 to 350 fps range!

• PangeaVR has no Java memory limitation, therefore, full-resolution panoramas can be viewed.

• It works with both QuickTime-VR panoramas (cubic) and equirectangular JPEG panoramas (spherical).

What it is not
• PangeaVR does not override Quicktime as the default player for .mov files. Web pages must have HTML code specifically written to use PangeaVR.

• PangeaVR is not available for Windows. It is currently only available for Mac OS X, and it is only compatible with Safari, Camino, Firefox, and Netscape. It is not compatible with the dinosaur Internet Explorer. You can still view PangeaVR content on Windows, however, by using another plug-in called GLPanoView from Thomas Rauscher.

• PangeaVR is not a replacement for the Quicktime viewer or Java viewers such as PTViewer, G2, etc. It is simply meant as an additional option for web pages to give to visitors - a very cool option at that!

Technical Info

Click here for technical information on how to add HTML code to your web page to load PangeaVR.

Sample Sites that use PangeaVR

After you've downloaded and installed the plug-in try the links below to see lots of awesome sample panoramas. If you've put PangeaVR content on your site, please send us the link and we'll add it to the list!

To send feedback or get information:

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