Panoramic Photography Services in the Austin, TX Area


Bracketeer is our photo processing utility which merges bracketed exposures into a single perfectly exposed image, similar, but better than HDR.


PanoPreviewer is a plug-in for Photoshop CS 2 and CS 3. It is only available for Mac OS X.

PangeaVR Plug-in for Mac OS X

For PangeaVR for iPhone click here. The PangeaVR browser plug-in is currently only available for Mac OS X. There are two versions of the plug-in available: The latest version is a Universal Binary, so it will run on PowerPC or Intel Mac's, but it requires Mac OS 10.4 or later. The older version 2.1 is for PowerPC Mac's only, and it will work on Mac OS 10.2 and up. The features of both versions are identical.

The full source code is also available for PangeaVR. You are free to use this within the terms of the Use Agreement that is included with this download:

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