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PangeaVR Plug-in :Porting

PangeaVR was developed on Mac OS X for Mac OS X, however, the code was written very generically so that it would be a very easy port to other platforms. There is actually very little Mac-specific code in there. The .mov parser is all generic code that does not rely on Quicktime at all. The only Mac-specific things in there are the JPEG / TIFF decompressors, some OpenGL init code, and some basic Mac Event Manager stuff. All of this should be able to be ported to other platforms in a matter of hours.

The only difficult part of the port will be modifying the .mov parser for Little-Endian byte order. Quicktime movie files are all big-endian since that's what the PowerPC is, however, PC's use little-endian, so every integer read in by the parser needs to be byte swapped. Not horribly difficult to accomplish, but it will be a little time consuming.

This entire plug-in only took me 7 days to write from scratch, and I can't imagine it would take anyone more than 2 days to port it to any other platform.

The source code can be downloaded here. If you are interested in doing a Windows or other port of PangeaVR, please contact us.

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