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PangeaVR for iPhone: Optional Portfolio Tags

In addition to the basic tags needed in your portfolio's XML file, there are also several optional tags:


The <camera> tag works a little differently than the other tags because it can contain multiple values, not just a single text string. It contains the following optional variables:


The camera's initial Yaw rotation. The value is in degrees and can be any number you want. The default is 0º which starts the pano looking at the middle of the equirectangular image (so 180º in pano-space).


The camera's initial Pitch rotation, also in degrees. Default is 0º. Positive values pitch up to the zenith, negative values pitch down to the nadir.


This is the camera's initial Field of View in degrees. If you do not supply this value the default value is 95º.


The minimum pitch to allow. Generally between 0º to -90º.


The maximum pitch to allow. Generally between 0º to 90º.


The minimum Field-of-View to allow. Smaller numbers allow the user to zoom in closer. The default is 28º.


The maximum Field-of-View to allow. Larger numbers allow the user to zoom our more. The default is 126º.


Setting this value will cause the camera to auto-pan when the panorama is first displayed. The value indicates the direction and speed of rotation: Negative values pan to the left, and positive values pan to the right. Values should typically be between 1.0 and 2.0 for good looking panning. The default is 0.0 (no panning) if you do not supply this value.

You can supply all or just some of the above variables in the <camera> tag. Here is an example showing how to set the camera with the initYaw, initFOV, and autopan values:


<title>The Grand Canyon</title>


<about>This a view of the Grand Canyon</about>

<camera autopan="2.0" initYaw="-90" initFOV="100"> </camera>



Here you can enter the GPS coordinates of where the panorama was taken. If you supply this tag, then the Map button will become active, and the user can click it to see the location in the Maps application on the iPhone.

The coordinates must be in one of these two formats:



NOTE: Be certain there are no spaces anywhere in the string. If you accidentally put a space in there then Maps will not launch correctly.


This tag does nothing with the iPhone version of PangeaVR - it will be ignored. On PangeaVR HD for the iPad, however, this tag allows you to supply an optional hi-rez version of your panorama's JPEG file. The hi-rez file should be 4096x2048.

This tag works exactly the same as the old <link> tag:


IMPORTANT: Only use the <linkhd> tag if you want to supply BOTH a low-rez file (for the iPhone) and a hi-rez file (for the iPad)! In this case the <link> tag points to the lo-rez file and the <linkhd> tag points to the hi-rez file.

If you only want to deal with one JPEG file (either 2048 or 4096 resolution) then use the regular <link> tag - don't use <linkhd> at all. If your <link> file is hi-rez then PangeaVR HD will know what to do with it.

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