Xenocide (1987)

Xenocide was the first game we got published. It was originally written on and for the Apple IIgs, but was later ported to DOS. The DOS version totally blew chunks, but the original Apple version kicked butt! This was the first game done under the name of Pangea Software.

Firefall Arcade (1993)

This was our first published Macintosh game. Pangea Software had been on hiatus for several years, but this brought it back to life. Firefall was supposed to be shareware, but just moments before we uploaded it to all the sites, a publisher came along and said "No! We want it!" In 2009 we sold the rights to the name Firefall, and as a result we can no longer use it. Firefall in Pangea Arcade was renamed to Fireworms.

Power Pete / Mighty Mike (1995)

Power Pete was a really cool Macintosh game. Apple liked it enough to bundle it on all of the Performas for a while. It also won Best Arcade Game of the Year from MacWorld magazine, and was a runner up for Best New Game of 1995 in MacUser magazine. To this very day we still get people asking where they can buy a copy of Power Pete, so... it now exists as shareware under the name Mighty Mike


Gerbils (1996)

Gerbils was a demo application which we wrote for Apple Computer. It shipped with QuickDraw 3D and is basically a rollercoaster simulator. This was Pangea Software's first official entry into the realm of 3D.


Weekend Warrior(1996)

Not the best game we ever did, but it was fairly ground breaking in its technical achievements of the day. This is the game that got Pangea Software really rolling and producing games non-stop.


Nanosaur (1998)

Nanosaur is a 3D dinosaur battle game with totally excellent graphics and animation. The game has been bundled on every iMac since the iMac's debut in August of 1998. The game was also made freely available as Charityware. We asked people to send $30 to a charity of their liking instead of paying us anything. In early 2000 we had to make the game $15 shareware in order to cover some of our expenses of supporting a free game.

Bugdom (1999)

Bugdom is the first commercial game to be self-published by Pangea Software. In this 3D game, you play a Pill Bug who battles other insects in 10 different levels. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the gameplay is some of the best we've ever done.

Cro-Mag Rally (2000)

Cro-Mag Rally is a caveman racing game. I had wanted to do a racing game for as long as I can remember, so this is the end result.

Otto Matic (2001)

Of all the games I've ever done, Otto Matic is the one which really touches on the things that make me tick. I wouldn't be here doing video games today if it were not for all those awful 1950's sci-fi b-movies. Otto Matic is an action adveture game which pays homage to that genre.

Bugdom 2 (2002)

The sequel to Bugdom. This game has some really great gameplay elements that we're very proud of.

Enigmo (2003)

This game rapidly became a huge hit. It is our first puzzle game, and it's really addictive and fun.

Billy Frontier (2003)

A small little action game which has many little games in it, all with a space-cowboy theme.

Nanosaur II: Hatchling (2004)

The amazing sequel to Nanosaur - our first game to use 3D glasses.

Ultimate Game Programming Guide (2004)

A 288 page book about programming a game engine for Mac OS X. Includes a CD with lots of sample code.

Enigmo 2 (2006)

The sequel to Enigmo

Pangea Arcade (2006)

Three modern games based on some classic arcade themes.