If you aren't sure of your system configuration, just run the Bugdom demo and see if it works. If the demo works then the real game will work. Bugdom should run great on any iMac, G3 or better machine, so if you have trouble with the demo or the full game, please see our Bugdom Support page or contact technical support for help.

Bugdom Minimum Requirements*

    iMac, iBook, G3 or G4 Macintosh **

    ATI 3D Acceleration***

    32MB of RAM

    OS 8.6 - 9.2

    Does not run native on OS X, and does not run properly in Classic mode on OS X.

    Does not run on any Intel Mac!

For the Best Experience We Also Recommend 64 MB of RAM for best performance and appearance. An ATI Rage Pro or Rage 128 for the full visual effect, and 4MB of VRAM for the best possible image on old ATI Rage II's.


*The image quality of the game may be degraded on low-end systems which barely meet the minimum requirements. To see the game in its full visual glory, we recommend the enhanced configuration listed above.

**Bugdom will also run on any PowerPC 603 or 604 Mac which is at least 200mhz and has an ATI 3D accelerator card. Bugdom will not run on any PowerPC 601 Macs. There is no Windows/PC version of Bugdom available.

***The game will not work correctly with 3Dfx or IX Micro accelerator cards at this time. Only ATI 3D cards are supported. All iMac's and G3's come with ATI 3D acceleration built in.

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