This page is designed to help you with common support issues for the Macintosh version of Bugdom. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, then please send e-mail to support@pangeasoft.net.


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Bugdom runs really slow or not at all on OS X

Bugdom is not an OS X native application, therefore, it will only run on OS 8 or 9. For most people the game will run in Classic mode on OS X, but it runs at about 1/5th the speed that it would on OS 9, and there are graphics anomalies. You should not try to play Bugdom on OS X. Reboot to OS 9 to play it.

I get an error saying "Q3Renderer_NewFromType failed".

This means that QuickDraw 3D 1.6 is not installed properly. You will need to do the following:

1. Go into your Extensions folder and delete all of the QuickTime and QuickDraw 3D files. On international Mac's this also includes ALL extensions with the letters "QD3D" anywhere in the filename! This is critical!

2. Run the Quicktime 4.x Installer from Apple and do Custom Install. Be sure to select all of the Quicktime and QuickDraw 3D options. Or, run the QuickDraw 3D 1.6 installer which comes with the full version of Bugdom.

All of the textures go psychedelic after playing the game for just a few seconds.

The ATI 3D drivers that ship with OS 8.6 have a bug which causes this to happen on machines with Rage II chips. You should download the newer drivers here.

My non-Apple mouse doesn't work

This is a known problem with 3rd-party mice and old versions of Input Sprocket. Get the latest version of Input Sprocket and the mouse should function. If it still does not work, then that mouse is not Input Sprocket compatible and will not work with the game.

The game looks small, grainy, or pixellated, and there isn't any fog effect.

1. Bugdom scales its quality settings based on the hardware and memory installed on your Mac. Older Macs with Rage II chips are not capable of displaying fog. In addition, these Rage II chips are very slow, so Bugdom plays in a degraded quality mode to regain some performance. Old G3's and Rev A iMacs all come with Rage II's. All later machines have Rage Pro or Rage 128 chips which are far superior.

2. Many Rage II Macs only have 2MB of VRAM installed. This is barely enough VRAM for Bugdom to play and in order for the game to have enough texture memory, the game must play in a smaller window than normal. That explains the black "letterbox" border around everything. If you upgrade your VRAM to 4MB or more, then the game will play full-screen.


Having a hard time with the game? Want to cheat? Just remember that cheating is the coward's way out and will take the challenge out of playing the game. But, if you really want to cheat, click here.

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