Welcome to the official Bugdom Strategy Guide. Here you'll find links to the complete strategy guide for Bugdom.

Each chapter of the Bugdom Strategy Guide contains hints, tips and strategy techniques to help you get through each level of the game, complete with level maps, screenshots, and more.

Level 1: The Bugdom Strategy Adventure Begins

Find out some key information that will help you farther along in the game as you navigate the first level. Level 1 will help train you for the foes you'll fight on later levels!

Level 2: Lord of the Lawn

In this level you're introduced to the basics of swimming in Bugdom. You'll also need to face the vicious ants, who make your life miserable by throwing spears and rocks at you. Figure out how to deal with Boxer Flies, too.

Level 3: Attack of the killer fish

Enough swimming- now it's time to take a water taxi across the dangerous depths of the pond. Also, learn more about dealing with those pesky mosquitos. There's other useful information, as well.

Level 4: Fighting and Flying in the Forest

Hop a ride on that Dragonfly and find out which way to go. Watch out for bees and spiders, too! The spiders are especially dangerous. Find out more by reading on!

Level 5: Hive Attack

This is the first boss level, and here are some hints to help you along.

Level 6: In the Belly of the Hive

You've made it into the hive, and it's a new world- the first indoor level in the game. Find out how to combat the new enemies you'll face in this chapter.

Level 7: Take down the Queen Bee!

Figure out what you'll need to get the Queen Bee for good and dominate the hive.

Level 8: Bring on the Night

Out of the hive and back into the open sky this time! Figure out what to do about the Toxic Gas Roaches and the Fireflies- this level is huge, so get an upper hand!

Level 9: Assault on the Ant Hill

Finally, the end is in sight, but the challenge has never been tougher- you'll have to traverse pools of lava and get past hordes of Fire Ants to win this level.

Level 10: Defeat the King

Now that you've gotten past everything else, it's a showdown between you and the big boss himself- King Thorax, the king of the Fire Ants! With his seeming invulnerability, how can you possibly defeat this superbug? Read on for the clue!

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