There are 4 Gold clovers in the entire game. It is very difficult to find them all, but they can be found on levels 2, 6, 8, and 9.


This is the largest of all of the levels. Its sheer size makes it easy to get going in circles, so it is important to keep your bearings as you move. It is dark so be careful where you go - some pits drop off into pools of toxic green ooze which is deadly to all bugs.

You will want to be very careful to never get near a Firefly. The Fireflies will pick you up and carry you off to an undesirable location in the level. If you see a Firefly, get away from it... quickly!

The Toxic Gas Roaches are found in the middle of the level. They leave a green gaseous trail behind them which is explosive if a spark touches it. This can be good and bad. Its good because you can wipe out a whole pack of Roaches by causing a chain reaction in the gas, but its bad because if you're inside that gas when it explodes you will be hurt... badly.


Level 8 Map

Scattered all over the level are Cherry Bombs and Firecrackers. Like the exploding gas, these will explode if a spark touches them. It is another good way to kill bugs. Just lure a bug near one of these and then launch a Buddy Bug. The spark from the Buddy Bug will set off the firecracker and blow up anything near it.

There are giant Caterpillars on this level, but like the Slugs from earlier, they are on paths and will not hunt you down so they are relatively harmless.

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