The Intruder Alert feature puts your Mac into an alarm mode that will trigger when someone comes "into view" of any connected video device. So, if you have an iSight or built-in camera in your Mac then this feature will turn it into a motion sensor that goes into an alarm sequence whenever the alarm is tripped. To cancel the alarm you press any key or click the mouse.

You can customize the Intruder Alert settings by doing the usual right-click on the item's icon to invoke the contextual menu. Then select the "Intruder Alert Settings..." item.

Here you can set the motion detection sensitivity and the delay to start. The default setting should be sufficient for the sensitivity, but you can choose to lower the sensitivity if you have a low-quality, noisy video camera, or if there are things in the room that may trigger it (like blinking lights and such).

When you activate the Intruder Alert, you will see a countdown giving you time to leave the room. At the end of the countdown it will go into a short calibration mode, and then it will go into scanning mode. You can exit this at any point by clicking the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.

Note that while the Intruder Alert feature is active your computer will not go to sleep.

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