Otto Matic




The controls and camera motion in Otto Matic have been closely modeled after those from other action-adventure games on various game consoles such as Nintendo, Playstation, Dreamcast, etc. Most PC / Mac games, however, use much stiffer controls and camera movement, therefore, the controls in this game may seem awkward at first to many players who don't play very many console action-adventure games. The default control setting is Camera-Relative Controls, however, you can switch to Player-Relative Controls by clicking on the setting in the game's Settings dialog:

Camera-Relative mode is recommended, especially if you are using a gamepad to play the game. Sometimes, the camera will not be facing the direction you would like it to be. When this happens, you can either press the camera left-right keys (defaults to , and .), or you can hold down the Tab key to cause the camera to swing behind Otto automatically. It is very useful to hold down the Tab key sometimes when Otto is walking. This will keep the camera snapped behind him in those situations where you really want to see what he's about to walk into.


Many players don't realize that you can use the Jump-Jet to smash into and kill many enemies. Not all enemies can be killed by being hit by Otto when he's Jump-Jetting, but many can.

Many people also don't realize that you can press the Jump button to stop Otto from Jump-Jetting.

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