Otto Matic




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This level takes place in the bowels of planet Snoth's core where the giant slime machine resides. You cannot touch the toxic slime which is all around you. You must remain on the platforms since falling onto the slime will cause great damage. With full health, Otto can survive 3 bounces off of the slime, but be careful, sometimes Otto will get stuck underneath a platform if he falls off and he won't be able to bounce back up.

The gravity on this level is much lower than normal since you are in the center of the planet. As a result, Otto can jump higher and farther. Odds are that you will have a good supply of Jump-Jet fuel when you arrive at this level. Keep that in mind when hopping across the platforms because you can get through this level much faster and safer if you use your jump-jet to cross some of the complex areas.


At the end of this level is the Giant Slime Machine which you must destroy. It is guarded by plasma beams and ooze guns. Destroying the machine is fairly simple. First, just blast away the four plasma beam emitters which surround the central unit. Once you do this, the central unit will begins to open and close. Each time the dome opens, it will shoot harmful ooze at you. Shoot the ooze tubes to destroy them. Finally, when the ooze tubes are gone, blast the central slime tube to destroy the machine.

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