Nanosaur 2

Nanosaur II: supports the use of stereo 3D glasses for a truly immersive experience. Mac users can now play a 3D game the way it was meant to be played: in real 3D! Two different types of 3D glasses are supported: Anaglyph and CrystalEyes LCD Shutter glasses from StereoGraphics. Below is information about each:


Anaglyph glasses are the traditional cardboard 3D glasses that have been used for over 50 years in film and print. When you buy the boxed version of Nanosaur 2, you get two pairs of glasses in the box. THESE ARE SPECIAL ANAGLYPH GLASSES WHICH WE HAVE HAD CUSTOM MADE WITH FILTERS CALIBRATED FOR APPLE LCD DISPLAYS. You can use stock Red-Cyan anaglyph glasses from other sources, but they probably won't work as well as ours since non-calibrated glasses will have some color ghosting which diminishes the 3D effect. You can also use the older Red-Blue style of anaglyph glasses, but the images will be darker and less colorful.

There are two ways to get our custom "Nanosaur 2" Red-Cyan anaglyph glasses:

1. Buy the boxed version of Nanosaur 2 which comes with two pairs.

2. Buy them directly from the manufacturer who made the glasses for us. For $5.00 they will send you 2 pairs of our special glasses. Click here to Buy from Rainbow Symphony.

To view these screenshots in 3D you will need a pair of red-cyan or red-blue anaglyph glasses. These screenshots are pretty impressive, but imagine how cool this is when it's animating!

Click on an image to see it full-size


CrystalEyes Workstation Shutter glasses from StereoGraphics are amazing because there is no color distortion in the image, so it’s like looking thru a glass window into a 3D universe. However, shuttter glasses only work with CRT displays, not LCD displays. For the best results, the CRT must be capable of at least 85hz.

There are several types of shutter glasses out there, but the only kind that will work with OpenGL on Mac OS X are the CrystalEyes Workstation from StereoGraphics. No other type of shutter glasses do the blue-line sync which is required on the Mac. You can find out more about CrystalEyes Workstation for Mac, as well as purchase the eyewear, by clicking on the picture below.

StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes Workstation for Mac ($1000+)

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