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Every time that you launch Enigmo 2 you will get this dialog unless you've checked the "Don't show again" checkbox at the bottom. If you have that checked and need to get this dialog to reappear then you can turn it back on from the Enigmo 2 Preferences Dialog.

The Video Configuration dialog is where you set the resolution and quality of the graphics that the game will draw. Optionally, you can select the Play Game in Window checkbox to play in a window instead. The window will always be 1/2 the size of your current display, and the Resolution setting will have no effect in this case.

The Resolution pop-up menu sets the screen resolution you wish to play the game with. If you have a fast graphics card in your Mac then you will want to choose the highest resolution that your display supports. However, the higher the resolution, the slower the game may run on slower video cards, so if the game is sluggish you may need to reduce the resolution to get some performance back.

The Sync to VBL checkbox tells the program to synchronize with the display's vertical blanking. This will eliminate any visual "tearing" when the camera moves, however, in certain cases it may also make the animation a little jerky. If you're on a fairly new and fast Mac then you'll probably want to leave this on, but if you're on an older, slower Mac then you might want to turn if off if you see jerky animation.

The Video Quality slider sets various effects and graphic elements, and it also affects performance. Generally, you will want to leave it set to High, but if the game is sluggish and running slowly then you should knock this down to Medium or Low. If your Mac is a G4 and is less than 1.25ghz, then you'll probably have to select Medium or Low. But if you have a G4 that is faster than that, or if you're on a G5 or better then High should work fine.

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