Instruction Manual


You can get to the game's Preferences Dialog two different ways: You can select PREFERENCES from the game's menu screen, or you can press the F1 key at almost any time to bring up the dialog.

The Language pop-up menu will allow you to select which language you want the game's text to appear in.

The Kiddie Mode option will give you unlimited inventory parts when playing a level. This is basically a cheater mode.

The Do Level Intro Fly-by option will turn on or off the camera fly-by introduction to each level.

The Show All 3 Rotation Rings option is off by default. When you select a puzzle piece it will show you the current rotation ring for the axis that the camera is currently looking down. But if you check this option, then it will always show you all 3 axis rings (x, y, and z) so that you can rotate the part on any axis without having to move the camera.

The Show Help Text option will display some help text at the bottom of the screen when you move the cursor over things.

The Scroll Wheel Zoom Sensitivity slider adjusts how sensitive your mouse's scroll wheel is when zooming in/out during the game.

The Mouse Sensitivity slider adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse motion when rotating, panning, or zooming the camera. This does not affect the sensitivity of the cursor motion as that is determined by your System settings for mouse sensitivity - the game cursor tracks the real cursor.

The Camera Motion Drift slider lets you adjust how much the camera continues to drift after you let go of the mouse button. The min setting will cause the camera to stop almost immediately when you release the mouse button, and the max setting will cause it to drift for a long time. Setting this to the middle is best in most cases, but you may want to move it towards min if you're using the trackpad on a laptop.

Clear High Scores does what it implies: it will erase all of the current high scores.

If the Show Video Settings Dialog is checked then the next time you launch Enigmo 2 the Video Configuration Dialog will appear.

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