Common Problems & Solutions

Most problems with Cro-Mag Rally can be solved by simply installing the latest version of the game, however, if you continue to have problems here is a list of solutions:

Q: I get a Black Screen when the game starts, but I can hear the game running in the background.

A: This happens if your preferences file gets hozed. The problem has been fixed in the latest version of the game, so first delete your Cro-Mag Rally preferences folder, and then get the latest update to the game and it will work great!

Q: The game crashes with a Type 3 error shortly after starting up

A: This usually means that you do not have a full install of Quicktime 4 or 5 on your Mac. Just run the Quicktime 4 or 5 installer and be sure to do a FULL install by selecting "Custom Install" and select every one of the items in the list. If that fails, then you probably do not have CarbonLib 1.2 installed. You can download the latest CarbonLib via Software Update or from Apple's web site.

Q: When starting a level I get "OGL_CheckError: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY"

A: This appears to be an anomaly with OpenGL on the DV iMac's that have only 64MB of RAM on them. Just increase your Virtual Memory such that you have a total of 128MB of RAM and the game will work fine. Also, make sure you are running OpenGL 1.2.1 and have the latest Cro-Mag Rally update.

Q: When I run the game, the graphics are garbled. It looks like static in the text on the menus.

A: This is a bug in OpenGL 1.1.2. The latest version of Cro-Mag Rally works around this, however, it is still a good idea to install a newer version of OpenGL if possible. If you are on OS 9, just run Software Update to get a newer version of OpenGL. If you are on OS 8.6 then you will have to install OpenGL 1.2.1.

Q: I get the error: "DrawPictureIntoGWorld: GetGraphicsImporterForFile failed!"

A: This normally happens if Quicktime 4.1.2 is not properly installed. Reinstall QT 4.1.2 and make sure you do a FULL install to get all of the components installed.

Q: Clients in a Network game cannot turn left and right.

A: This was a snafu in the Cro-Mag Rally 1.0.7 update. Get the 1.0.7b or later update to fix it.

Q: The game is running really slow - around 3 frames/second.

A: This indicates that you are running in software rendering mode and not hardware accelerated mode. There are several causes of this:

  • You are running on a Rev A iMac. These have ATI Rage II 3D chips which are not OpenGL compliant and thus the game will not function properly on them.
  • You do not have the latest 3D drivers installed. OpenGL 1.2.1 will install the latest ATI drivers, but if you are using a different brand of card like 3dfx then you need to install their latest drivers which are OpenGL compliant.

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