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The goal in this game is to destroy in the attacking Worms and complete all 9 levels of the game. Your ship is restricted to the bottom area of the screen, and the Worms will come from the top. There are Barriers which you must shoot through to get powerups and have a clearer path to shoot the Worms.


Fireworms should be played with they keyboard, but for those who insist on mouse control, you can also use the mouse to move the ship and fire.

Arrow Keys

Move the Ship


Fire Weapon


Pause the game


There are two kinds of Barriers: The Level Barriers which change from level to level, and the Reinforced Barriers which are the same on all levels, but are impossible to destroy with most weapons. The Level Barriers take several shots to destroy, and as you go up to the higher levels it will take more and more shots to destroy them.

Reinforced Barriers

The Reinforced Barriers look like this:

New Reinforced Barriers are created as they crawl across the bottom of the screen and then up to their final resting spot. They are only vulnerable to regular weapons while they are moving, but once they stop they can only be destroyed by the Bunker Buster weapon (see below).


These fall from the top of the screen and lay down more Barriers as they go:


These come in from the sides of the screen. They do not lay down any barriers, but they are deadly to the touch.

Buzz Saw

These chase you all over the playfield and are deadly to the touch.


When you destroy a Barrier a Powerup may fall out of it:


Fires bullets out of 3 sides of the ship.


This is actually a weapon downgrade, and you want to avoid these.

Worm Seekers

Worm-Seeking bullets.


Freezes everything on the screen, but if you touch anything bad it will still hurt you.


Widens your ship and you shoot 2 shots in parallel.


Allows you to pass through solid objects.

Barrier Buster

The only weapon capable of destroying the Reinforced Barriers.


Gives you a shield to make you invincible.


This is a combination of the Barrier Buster and the Shield Powerups.

Free Life

Gives you an extra life.


Each Level in Firefall consists of 6 Worms. Once you destroy all 6 worms you will be taken to the Bonus round before proceeding to the next level. You cannot be killed in the Bonus round, so don't worry about hitting the Bonus Drones. There will be 3 waves of Bonus Drones, and if you can destroy all of the Bonus Drones in a wave you'll get a 10,000 point bonus.

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