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PangeaVR HD for iPad - Things to Know


PangeaVR HD has been completely rewritten for the Apple iPad, and it is amazing! Using the app is pretty self-explanatory, but below is some key information regarding the differences in PangeaVR HD over the iPhone version.


Installing your own Panoramas with PangeaVR HD is much easier than with the iPhone version. You can now install your JPEG equirectangular files on the iPad via iTunes:

To add your JPEG files to PangeaVR HD do the following:
  • Run iTunes and select your iPad in the Devices list.
  • Select the Apps tab and scroll to the bottom where you'll see File Sharing.
  • Select PangeaVR HD in the list of File Sharing apps, and on the right you'll see the contents of PangeaVR's Documents folder.
  • Here you can add new .jpg files by clicking the Add button or you can copy the files from the iPad to your computer. Your files should be 4096x2048 as PangeaVR will resize anything else to that resolution regardless.

The Documents folder on your iPad is also where PangeaVR HD stores any Archived panoramas. So, when you press the Archive button anywhere in the app, PangeaVR downloads that panorama's JPEG file and stores it in the Documents folder. When you go to the Archives tab in the app it scans the Documents folder for all JPEG files in there and uses that list to generate the Archives list. You can add or remove files from the Documents folder at any time.

HI-REZ PANORAMAS (4096 x 2048)

The iPhone version of PangeaVR the displays panoramas at 2048x1024 resolution. It scales your source JPEG files to that size regardless of their true size. In PangeaVR HD, however, you can have panoramas up to 4096x2048 in size!

There is now a new tag that you can use in your Portfolio's XML file to indicate a link to the optional hi-rez JPEG file:


This works exactly the same as the old <link> tag:


Only use the <linkhd> tag if you want to supply BOTH a low-rez file for the iPhone and a hi-rez file for the iPad! In this case you still have a <link> tag that points to the lo-rez file and the <linkhd> tag that points to the hi-rez file.

If you only want to deal with a single JPEG file (either 2048 or 4096 resolution) then use the regular <link> tag - don't use <linkhd> at all. If your <link> file is hi-rez then PangeaVR will use it as such.

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