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PangeaVR HD for iPad - Instruction Manual


PangeaVR will download the latest database from our web site each time you launch the app, so you will need a live internet connection for this to work. Want your portfolio in the database? Then click here. Once the database has been downloaded you will see the list:

Simply scroll thru the list and select any portfolio that sounds interesting. The portfolio will be downloaded and the panoramas in it will be displayed on the right. It may take a while for the thumbnails to get downloaded, but you can still interact with PangeaVR while that goes on in the background.


Select a panorama from the portfolio and then press the View Panorama button. PangeaVR will then download the panorama from the author's web site and prepare it for full-screen viewing. Once in full-screen mode you have several options:

  • Tap the red X in the corner of the screen to exit the panorama.
  • Drag on the screen to spin the panorama
  • Pinch the screen to zoom in/out

Check the Settings tab for some options you can set regarding how the panorama is viewed and interacted with.


Below the Portfolios Database list is a Bookmark Portfolio Button. Pressing that button will record a bookmark for this Portfolio and it will appear in the Bookmarks tab so you can find it later.


If you see a panorama that you really like you can save it onto your iPad by pressing the Archive Panorama button. The archiving will occur in the background, and it may take several seconds for the JPEG file to be downloaded and saved. When you archive a panorama, no information other than the JPEG file itself is saved. These files are stored in the app's Documents folder which you can access by following the instructions here.


Some portfolios are encoded with GPS coordinates for each panorama. In this case, the little globe icon will be enabled and you press this button to launch Maps which will display the location of the selected panorama.


New in PangeaVR HD is the ability to easily add your JPEG files to the app's Archives list (see below). No internet connection is required. You can easily add & remove files from PangeaVR via iTunes's File Sharing.


The Bookmarks tab looks very similar to the database tab:

This tab shows the list of all of your bookmarked portfolios. Everything here works the same as above, and to delete a bookmark you select it and then tap the Trash can icon.


This tab shows the list of all of the JPEG files in PangeaVR's Documents folder. When you archive a panorama, this is where its JPEG file gets saved. Additionally, when you copy panoramas into PangeaVR via iTunes this is where the files are stored.

Every time you tap the Archives tab the Documents folder is re-scanned and it will display the current list of files stored there. If no thumbnail exists for the panorama then it will create one for it automatically (which may take some time).

This tab shows the list of all of your bookmarked portfolios. Everything here works the same as above, and to delete a bookmark you select it and then tap the Trash can icon.


If you wish to view a Portfolio that is not in the database you may go to it directly by entering its URL:

Enter the URL to the target XML file and press Download Portfolio at URL. This will download the portfolio and display it in the list below. You may Bookmark this portfolio by pressing the Bookmark URL button, and you can Archive individual panoramas via the Archive Panorama button.

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