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Using your saucer which you commandeered on the previous level, you must try to free as many humans from the POW Camp as you can. The saucer has two types of beams: the Destructo-Beam and the Abduction-Beam. Use the red Destructo-Beam to blow up just about anything on the ground, but mainly you want to blow up the huts where the humans are being kept. Blowing up a hut will free the humans. Once you are ready to gather the humans you have freed, you need to switch to the Abduction-Beam which is the white beam. Activate it, and then start vacuuming up as many humans as you can. The saucer can hold a maximum of 10 humans at a time.


When you have some humans you would like to save, fly over to the rocket ship and the computer will take over when you are close enough. The humans will be beamed down and they will run into your rocket. Each saved human will give you a little bit of rocket fuel. It takes at least 20 humans to get enough fuel to leave, but you can keep resucing humans for as long as you like to get more points before leaving.


The moving and stationary vertical beams are deadly to the saucer, but they are fairly easy to avoid. The Gun Turrets, however, are tough. The strategy with them is to sneak up behind them, get a running start with your Destructo-Beam activated, and then plow them over. A good player should be able to complete this level with only being hit a few times by a turret shot.


No, zapping our heads which we've drawn into the terrain does not get you bonus points! They're just there for fun.

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