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The bamboo huts which you see around the planet are smashable when Otto is giant. Just walk into the hut to destroy it. Inside many of the huts are powerup pods.


The only way to smash through the giant wooden gates on planet Sulak is to become a giant by drinking the vial of growth potion. Once you're a giant, you can either Jump-Jet through the door, or you can punch the door to smash it. Also, any of the enemies on this planet can only be killed when you are a giant. The Giant Lizard and the Venus Flytraps can only be killed when you are a giant, and the Flame Thrower weapon is the weapon of choice on them. The praying mantis can be killed when you are small, but when you are a giant they are much easier to kill.


The growth potion vials are almost always hidden in small secret rooms which are off the sides of the main path. The dirt path will lead you to these hidden rooms, so if you get to a giant wooden gate and you need a growth powerup, then back-track along the dirt path and look for branches which lead to the hidden rooms

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