Otto Matic




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Planet Knarr is probably the most intense level in Otto Matic. Lots of action, explosions, and effects. They key to this level is to just keep moving and don't do any sight seeing.


The Crunch Doors are activated by zapping them with a Supernova weapon. These doors are one-way which means that they can only be activated from one side. The side with the rivets is the active side:

Trying to activate one of these doors from the other side will have no effect. Once a door is activated it will remain activated indefinitely.


The teleporters are also activated by using a Supernova, and they will remain active indefinitely. There are 12 different teleporter pairs in this level, and they are identified by the symbols on their consoles. The symbol indicates where the teleporter will take you. Generally speaking, each teleporter will take you to a different colored areas as seen in the map above. As a rule of thumb you should always activate and use any inactive teleporter since it will generally advance you through the level. Toward the end of the level there are some teleporters which may take you back to an area that you've already seen.


Press jump to get onto the zip line pulley. Once on, you cannot get off until the zip-line ride is completed. If you get hurt on the zip-line and fall off, just wait a few seconds and the pulley will reset itself so you can try again.

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