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Even though this is only the second level in Otto Matic, it is probably the hardest. What makes it so hard is mainly the length of the level since it is the largest of all of the levels in the game. There are arrows places around the terrain to help guide you on the path. If you follow these arrows it will make the level twice as easy.

When you get to your rocket at the end of the level, something different happens. Instead of boarding the rocket like in the other levels, here you get sucked down into the planet's core. The visual here is confusing to many people, but rest assured that when you see Otto squirming and being sucked under, that's a GOOD thing. The next level takes place in the core of Planet Snoth.


The primary weapon on this planet is the Freeze Gun. Here, when you shoot an enemy with the freeze gun it will stay frozen for several seconds before it either thaws out, or the enemy cracks the ice. When an enemy is frozen, just give it a solid punch to shatter it. When you shatter a frozen Slime Enemy it will explode into several smaller slime blobs which will then thaw. But if you gather the small blobules before they thaw, you will get powerups according to the color.


There are two skiing areas on this planet. You pick up the magnet powerup which will attract you to the metal dragon and that gets you going. On both skiing tracks, you will go around the course TWO times. On the second pass, the metal dragon will go close enough to the exit zone for you to hop off. If you miss it, then you've got to keep skiing for two more laps until the dragon goes by the exit again.


The soap bubbles are created by touching the bubble pump mechanism. A single bubble is created each time you activate the mechanism, and you'll have a few seconds to jump up into the bubble. Once in the bubble you have a limited time to cross the sea of liquid soap and reach the next safe area. Avoid the pointy shrubs and anything else that is solid since it will pop your bubble.


Another way to cross some areas of the soap lake is to hop across the big and small platforms. Sometimes, you will have to Jump-Jet to get to the platforms, but other times you can simply jump from one to the next.

One note about platform jumping: We've noticed that the MacAlly keyboards are very difficult to use with this game because they keys are so spongy. The spongy keys make the jumping very difficult on this level. Your results may vary, but we recommend using a more responsive keyboard to play this game.

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