Otto Matic





Guarding the Giant Brain Boss are the Elite Brain Aliens who wear red capes, unlike the regular green Brain Aliens. These guys are ruthless and are very aggressive. You cannot outrun an Elite - they will simply keep following you, and they run pretty fast. The Elites come from the portals which surround the Giant Brain, so to eradicate them you must start by destroying their portals.

The best strategy for winning this level is to first gather as much weaponry as you can. Then run over to the Elite portals and fire like crazy. Run in a circle around the Giant Brain blasting all of the portals. Using this method you can quickly eliminate all the portals and thus the Elite's ability to keep reappearing.


Because of the massive amount of firepower needed to defeat the Giant Brain and the Elite Brain Aliens, all of the powerups on this level are regenerating, so you don't need to worry about running out.


The Giant Brain will activate as soon as you destroy all of the Elite portals. The Giant Brain is vulnerable to all types of weapons and attacks, but only when his brain halves are open. When the halves are apart, shoot like crazy to damage him. As he is damaged he will turn red. When the Giant Brain is finally blown up, gather all the rocket fuel atoms that you can and then escape in the rocket. You cannot enter the rocket until the Giant Brain is destroyed.

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