The Nanosaur update is just a new application file, it is NOT AN INSTALLER. This means that if you try to download the file and then you launch the app, you will get errors because the file is most likely in the wrong place.

To install an update, do the following:

1. Download the appropriate update. Use the 2MB update only for Rev A iMacs. Use the 4MB update for all other iMac's and Macs.

2. Make sure the downloaded file decompressed. Many people have reported that their browser did not decompress the file after downloading it. If you don't see the dinosaur head icon on the file, then it didn't decompress. Drop the file onto StuffIt Expander to manually decompress the file.

3. Open your existing Nanosaur folder. Drag the old Nanosaur application into the trash, and then drag the new application (that you just downloaded) into the folder.



Nanosaur does require a few extras in order to run properly. You must have the following items installed in your Extensions folder:

QuickDraw 3D 1.6

Game Sprockets 1.7

QuickTime 4.1.2

If you are missing any of these files, Nanosaur will tell you so when you try to run it. You can go to the Nanosaur Files page to download any of these.



You will need a 3D accelerator card in order to play Nanosaur. We strongly recommend the use of an ATI Rage Pro series card from ATI. This card is the only card which will show off all of Nanosaur's effects and features. No other card runs Nanosaur as well as this card.

IMPORTANT: The full version of Nanosaur is the "4 Meg version." This means that you need at least 4 Megs of VRAM on your 3D accelerator card for the game to run. Most older (1998 or earlier) Macintoshes which come with built-in 3D acceleration only have 2 Megs which is not enough to run the game. You will need to buy another 2 Megs for your Mac if you want to play Nanosaur.


Many people want to know if Nanosaur will run correctly on their Power3D 3Dfx card. The answer is NO. It will "run", but not correctly and we do not recommend this card for playing Nanosaur. However, the game does play well on a MacPicasso 3Dfx card, but still not as good as on an ATI Rage Pro card. The game will not get any 3D acceleration from the IX Micro 3D card either.



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