Before Reading this, make sure you have already tried the latest Nanosaur update since the newest version of the game fixes all known problems.


Q: Nanosaur doesn't run well on OS X.

A: Nanosaur was written years before the existence of OS X, so it is not an OS X native application. Some people may be able to get it to run in Classic mode on OS X, but it will still run very slow and there will be graphics anomalies. You need to reboot to OS 9 to play Nanosaur.

Q: I installed OS 9 and now Nanosaur crashes with a Type 3 or Type 2 error.

A: Get the latest Nanosaur update.

Q: After the opening text screens the game crashes.

A: A few people have reported this and it seems to always be related to an extensions conflict or bad ATI drivers. Try removing unnecessary Extensions and Control Panels especially Speed Doubler, Norton Disk Light, and After Dark since there are known to cause crashes with Nanosaur. Also make sure you have the latest ATI drivers.




Q: I pick up eggs, but they don't appear in the status bar.

A: Remember that there are 5 different colors of eggs. You need to get 1 of each color. If you get a red egg, you will see it in the status bar, but if you get *another* red egg, you will only get bonus points for it. Only 1 of each color counts - the rest are bonus.


Q: I can't seem to use the Jetpack or find fuel for it.

A: The jetpack needs fuel to work and the game starts with zero fuel. Most of the fuel is actually at the end of the game, so you really only get to use the jetpack towards the end. However, there is some fuel in the Lava area which will let you fly around fairly early in the game.


Q: The game is too hard.

A: Try the cheats on the cheats page.




Q: Why doesn't Nanosaur work with my 3Dfx card?

A: Because most 3Dfx cards cannot do 2D and 3D simultaneously and Nanosaur requires 2D and 3D to be displayed at the same time. As far as I know, the Villagetronic MacPicasso card is the only 3Dfx card capable of playing Nanosaur correctly. Nanosaur is still playable on other 3Dfx cards, but it is much more difficult when you cannot see your score, health, weapons, etc.


Q: What cards support fog?

A: Most 3D cards support fog, however, currently fog will only work with the ATI Rage Pro cards. This is for technical reasons relating to QuickDraw 3D which will be resolved in the next version of QuickDraw 3D so that all 3D cards can show fog in Nanosaur. However, version 4.2.8 of the ATI 3D extension is need to fog to work (see above).


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