The goal in Warheads is to survive the missile barrage for as long as possible. The enemy missiles fall on your city from above, and you tap the screen to launch rockets to intercept them. The missiles come in waves, and each wave gets more and more intense.

There are 4 sectors in your city, and the game ends when all 4 sectors have been destroyed. Each sector has 3 Rocket Launchers, and 6 Buildings. The sector has been destroyed when all 6 Buildings have been blown up.


Simply tap the screen to cause a rocket to be launched and detonated at the place that you tapped. You can use multiple fingers to launch multiple rockets at the same time, and Warheads automatically fires the rockets from the closest available launcher.

Each Launcher has a limited amount of ammo. When a launcher runs out of ammo it will become deactivated, but you can get more ammo by shooting down ammo powerups (with the other launchers). Once all 3 of your Launchers have run out of ammo that sector is toast.


Powerups will randomly fall from the sky. To activate them you must shoot them down with your rockets.

AMMO: Causes an Ammo Cart to deliver more ammo to one of your Rocket Launchers.
POINTS: Gives you bonus points.
BUSTER: Makes your rocket explosions larger and more powerful for a limited amount of time.
NUKE: Sets off a nuclear detonation which will destroy all enemy missiles currently incoming.


MUSIC: This obviously toggles the game's music on/off.

REDUCE EFFECTS: Warheads uses a huge amount of particle and other graphics effects. Uses with iPhone 3GS or faster devices will get the full glory of all of these effects, and the game will automatically reduce the particles on slower devices such as the older iPhone 3G. If you would like to increase the game's frame rate a little more then you can opt to turn the Reduce Effects option on. This will cut most particle effects and such by 50%.

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