If you would like to have your custom levels become part of the next Chalkboard Pinball Creator update then please submit them to us! We will be choosing the best of the best to be included in the next major update! Even if you're not chosen to be in the next update we still might include your level on the downloads page.

To submit your levels follow these steps:

1. Select the level that you want to send to us, and then press the Share button:

2. Tap the Mail icon to email the level to us:

3. Mail the file to

Send us both Single-Player and Multiplayer Levels, but please don't flood our inbox with junk. Only send files that you've tested thorougly and really think are exceptional. Remember that any Multiplayer levels must have 4 Ball Shooters since there are up to 4 players in a multiplayer game.

* By sending us your custom Chalkboard Pinball Creator levels you are agreeing to let us post the file on our web site and/or include it in future versions of the game.