The goal of the game is to feed Bananas to the Toucans. Each level has one or more Toucans, and you need to throw just 1 Banana to each Toucan to win. You get points for any unused Bananas, so the fewer Bananas you throw the higher your score will be.


When you tap on a Monkey you will see his "Projectile Inventory Menu" appear above his head. This menu shows you how many Bananas, Coconuts, and/or Torches the Monkey has. To select which projectile to throw simply tap on it in the menu:

To throw a projectile you tap and drag behind the Monkey:

As you pull backwards you'll see a rainbow colored "rubber band" appear between the Projectile in the Monkey's hand and your finger. This indicates the angle and force of the throw. In Easy Mode (on by default) you will also see a dotted line indicating the trajectory of the projectile that you are about to throw. The farther back you pull on the rubber band, the harder the Monkey will throw. When you are ready to throw release your finger. Do not swipe or pull the rubber band in front of the Monkey. All you do is drag behind the Monkey and release.

To cancel a throw simply move the rubber band back to the Monkey and release.

When you select a Monkey after he has already thrown something you will see a yellow ring and some dots which show you your previous throw. The yellow ring indicates where your finger was when you released the throw. This helps you fine tune a throw trajectory especially when Easy Mode is turned off (see below).


As you know, the goal of the game is to throw Bananas to the Toucans, but there are other things that Bananas and the other projectils are used for:

Banana Cluster

You can throw any projectile at a Banana Cluster to break it open like a Piñata. Bananas will fall down from it, but you have to hit it hard enough, otherwise it just wobbles.
TNT Crate
The TNT Crates will blow up and chain-react when hit with a Torch. Be careful, however, because if a Toucan or Monkey is on a TNT crate when it explodes they'll be killed.

Coconut Crate

Coconut Crates can be destroyed by throwing Coconuts at them. It takes 3 hits to completely destroy a Coconut Crate, and when you do more Coconuts will fall out of it.

Wood Crate

The basic Wood Crates can also be destroyed by throwing Coconuts at them, but it only takes 1 hit to do it.

Hay Bale

If any Projectile touches a Hay Bale it will cause it to break loose and fall. They will also chain react, so be careful because falling hay bales can crush Monkeys and Toucans!

Ice Cube

Like the Crates, Ice Cubes can also be destroyed by throwing Coconuts at them. The first hit will crack the Ice Cube, and the second hit will destroy it.


The Monkey's only way to move in a level is by swinging on a Vine. He can leap from Vine to Vine on certain levels. To make a Monkey leap off of a Vine you tap and drag on the Monkey, and then release to launch him. It is very similar to throwing Projectiles. The farther back you pull, the farther he'll jump from the Vine.

Monkeys cannot throw Projectils when on a Vine. However, they can catch Projectiles. There are many times when the solution to a level is to throw Bananas, Coconuts, or Torches to a Monkey on a Vine, and then have him swing somewhere to use them.


Your projectiles will slide and bounce off of the various items in a level, but one of the most important parts that you'll encounter on some levels are the Bongos. Bongos are the only parts other than the Monkeys that you can manipulate, and you can bounce Projectils and Monkeys off of them.

To aim a Bongo you tap on it to select it. This causes a Rotation Ring to appear around it. Tap and drag on the Rotation Ring to aim the Bongo however you want.

There are two different Bongos in the game: the large Bongo (above) and the smaller Bongo. Both work the same way and both can bounce projectiles and Monkeys. Most levels that involve bouncing the Monkeys will have the Monkeys swinging on a vine, and you have to swing the Monkey onto the Bongo:



Turn the game's music on/off


Set the music's volume


On if you want the camera to follow things as they move.


When On you'll see the dotted trajectory line when the Monkey is aiming a throw. This makes the game much easier, but you don't get as many Bonus points for accomplishing tasks. To get a higher score, play levels with this turned OFF.


You get Bonus points on each level, and at the end of a level your Bonus will be tallied and added to the total score. If you're playing in Easy Mode (see above) then you usually get fewer Bonus points than in normal mode, so if you're playing to get the highest score then be sure to turn Easy Mode off.


Easy Mode Points

Normal Mode Points

Blow Up TNT Crate

10 10

Get Bonus Star

25 50

Feed Banana to Toucan

100 150

Each leftover Projectile

10 25