The Finger
The Finger is the coolest 3D animation gizmo for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

• Pose it!
• Animate it!
• Over 90 built-in hand gestures!
• Convert text to American Sign Language!
• Incredibly smooth 3D morphing!

There is a 3D hand that you pose to form hand signs/signals, and you make the hand animate among poses to express messages. Send an insult to someone, or tell them they look great! You can configure The Finger to "say" just about anything you want! Even translate text into American Sign Language gestures!

What is The Finger?
The hand that you pose is a fully articulated 3D model rendered with OpenGL. You can bend the fingers into position using simple touch gestures: pinch the screen to scale the hand, twist with two fingers to rotate it, drag to position it, and so on.

The Finger comes with over 90 built-in poses, but there are probably ones that we didn't think of. That's okay because you can add them yourself with the Pose Editor. So, yes, if you want to flip someone off, The Finger will let you do it! If you have special organization/school hand signs that aren't already in the database, you can create and add those too! If you think there's a Pose that we need to add in a future update, be sure to let us know.

The whole point of The Finger is to be able to play back messages in the form of hand signals, so, The Finger has an Animation Editor that lets you build the animation sequences using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Just select a Pose from a category (Numbers, Pointing, Attacks, Gestures, etc.) and drag it into the Animation Timeline. The animation morphing is totally fluid and smooth!

Not happy about the car tailgating behind you? There's an animation for that! Want to tell the person across the room that they're hot? There's an animation for that!

You can even set animation parameters such as the intro and end transitions (fade, dissolve, zoom, etc.), and also each Pose's duration and morph speed.

The Animation Editor in The Finger can automatically generate American Sign Language gestures from text that you enter. You simply type in a sentence, press the Generate ASL button, and The Finger will create an animation that spells out each letter and number with ASL gestures!

When you create Animations you save them into the app's database. At any time you can bring up the list of saved Animations and play them back fullscreen.

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