Particle Cannon

When water or plasma droplets enter the cannon they are accelerated to fast speeds.

Soft Drum

These drums will bounce water and plasma droplets. They have the minimum bounce of all the drums.

Hard Drum

Same as the Soft Drum, but the bounce effect is greater.

Booster Drum

This drum has an amplifying boost - the droplets bounce off the drum with more velocity than when they hit the drum. This is also the only drum that will reflect laser beams.


A Pyramid shaped piece with multiple bounce surfaces. Also reflects lasers.


A slide for moving water droplets.


A mirror for reflecting laser beams.

Drip Sponge

When water droplets hit this they are absorbed and then start to drip out the bottom of the sponge. Note: even if droplets have reverse gravity after hitting a Gravity Inverter (see below), they will return to normal gravity when dripping out of the sponge.


These are used to direct the plasma droplets. The gravetational attraction causes plasma droplets to be attracted to them.