Enigmo 2 takes the physics based puzzle game to a whole new dimension. The gameplay is similar to the original Enigmo game, but this time the puzzles are 3D, and there are new mechanics including Gravetoids, Plasma, Lasers, Teleporters, Gravity Inverters, etc.

The goal in Enigmo 2 is to get the water droplets, plasma particles, and laser beams into their matching containers. When the containers reach 40 they are full, and when all of the containers on a level are full you have won it.

There are 9 different types of puzzle pieces which you use to manipulate the flow of the droplets and lasers: drum, mirrors, slides, etc. The different levels will provide you with different quantities of these puzzle pieces, and they appear in your inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. The number next to the icon indicates how many of this piece you have remaining.

The faster you complete a level, the more points you get, and there are 50 levels in the entire game.