Cro-Mag Rally has two different play modes: Race and Gather:


You will be racing against 3 other computer drivers, and their vehicles will be chosen randomly each time you race. The intelligence and driving ability of the computer drivers is determined by the game's Difficulty setting: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Once you get good at the game you'll want to play in Hard mode just to get a good thrill!

It is perfecly legal to take shortcuts on a track if you can find them. For example, on the Medieval track you can cut across the hills instead of staying on the windey dirt road. You may go slower when you drive offroad, but sometimes those shortcuts will be what it takes to win.


In Gather mode you have to collect all of the Arroheads that are laying around the track. The arrowheads will hilite in the status bar as shown above. After collecting all of them you should then attempt to win the race in first place.


You have many different cars to choose from in Cro-Mag Rally, and each has different specs. Some are faster, some have better traction, etc. You'll learn which cars are best for which tracks. The Glacier track, for example, is very slippery, so traction is more important than speed. The Great Wall track has lots of sharp turns, so acceleration and traction are both very important.

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