If you are unable to find another player via Auto-Match is simply means nobody else is also doing Auto-Match for the same game at the same time as you. You'll have the best luck in the evenings, but during the day most people are at work or in school, so it can be hard to find an Auto-Match.

If you're having problems connecting with Friend Invites and the problem doesn't go away then reboot all of the devices. This often fixes the issue, but if your Friend Invites continue to not work then it is either a temporary Game Center issue or some problem with a player's network.

Cro-Mag Rally 3.0 has three awesome multiplayer networked modes:


This is just like the regular racing modes except that instead of racing against the computer, you race against other players over the Game Center network. This racing mode comes with Cro-Mag Rally when you buy it.


Both the Tag and Capture the Flag modes are add-on modes which you activate for $0.99. Both of these modes give you 8 new tracks to play on:

  • Aztec
  • Celtic
  • Coliseum
  • Maze
  • Ramps
  • Spiral
  • Stonehenge
  • Tarpits

In a normal game of Tag you don't want to be "It", but in Cro-Mag Rally's Tag games you DO want to be It. When the game starts a player is randomly chosen to be tagged, and if that player is you then you want to run for your life to avoid being tagged by another player. If you are not tagged then you want to chase the Tagged player down and crash into them so you become tagged. The Tagged player will appear to be flashing, and their marker on the overhead map will also be flashing. When you are Tagged your overhead map disappears, so you can't tell where everyone else is, but they can see you on the map just fine. Additionally, your car moves slower when Tagged.

At the top of the screen you'll see the Tag Timer:

In the Tag Timer the indicator bar on the top shows YOUR current Tag Time, and the indicator on the bottom shows the Tag Time of the player who is currently Tagged. If you are the Tagged player then the bottom indicator shows you the time of the best player in the game. When you are Tagged the indicator moves to the right, and when it reaches the end you win the game!


This is a traditional game of Capture the Flag. The players are either on the Red Team or the Green Team - you know what team you are on by the color shirt your player is wearing and the color of the torches at the top of the screen. Your goal is to find all of your Team's Torches and bring them back to your Base. The Red Team needs to retrieve the Red Torches and bring them back to the Red Base. The Green team likewise does the opposite. To pick up a torch you simply run into it, and to drop it at the Base just bump the base with your car.

The Torch icons at the top of the screen indicate how many torches you have retrived (opaque) and how many are remaining (transparent). The locations of the torches can be seen on the overhead map.

If you crash into another player or are hit by enemy weapons you will drop your torch. If you want to manually drop a torch (like if you picked up the wrong colored torch), simply tap the middle of the screen to drop it.

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