Cro-Mag Rally is a caveman racing game where you go through the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages while driving primitive vehicles and throwing primitive weapons. There are a total of 9 different tracks and 11 different vehicles to choose from. In addition to the standard Race where you simply try to defeat the other cars and come in first place, there is also a Gather mode where your goal is to collect all of the arrowheads laying around the track.

Here Brog is racing with the Trojan Horse cart on the Desert track

Cro-Mag Rally isn't just about going fast, it's also about collecting Powerups! There are many powerups and weapons in the game including powerups that make your car go faster and drive better, and weapons like Bone Bombs and Bottle Rockets which you use to knock the other racers off course!

Here Grag is racing with the Bone Buggy on the Jungle track

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