Target Practice is basically a bonus level where you try to get as many points as possible before the timer runs out, or before you run out of ammo.

It is possible to get killed in the Target Practice levels. There are TNT barrels that will explode if you accidentally shoot them, and that will damage your shield. Occasionally you will see a skull - don't ever shoot that! Shooting the skill will kill you instantly. If you die during the Target Practice level you lose a life and any bonus points, and will have to try it again.

Shooting a whisky bottle will make you drunk and it is hard to hit anything in drunk mode. Hitting a Time Barrel will give you more time, and hitting an Ammo Box will give you more ammo. You get points for splattering outlaws and Kanga-Cows, and coin barrels are good too. The small red chile peppers give you lots of points if you can hit them.

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