The two Shootout levels are first-person shooting levels. You must kill all of the outlaws in each area in order to proceed to the next.

You have a limited amount of ammo. In the statbar at the top of the screen you will see how many bullets are left in your revolver, and the number next to it indicates the number of reloads you have remaining. To get more ammo, you shoot wooden crates which will reveal Powerups. Some Powerups are Ammo Boxes which you shoot to get more ammo. There is also a Shield Powerup which is represented by a purple square and a sheriff's badge. Your remaining shield is shown in the statbar as the purple meter. When you run out of shield Billy will only be able to take a few direct bullet hits before he is killed.

The arrows on the left and right sides of the screen allow you to turn left and right. Once you have cleared the entire area of all of the outlaws a new flashing button will appear. Press it when you are ready to walk to the next area.

NOTE: To make it easier to see what you're doing, the targeting reticle is normally offset from where you tap the screen. This way your finger does not obscure what you are shooting at. In the game's Settings Dialog you can turn the Reticle Offset off if you like, and that will cause the reticle to be positioned directly under your finger where you tap.

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