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AWI One night tournament Game Play & General Rules
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One Night Tournament – Game Play and General Rules

These Tournaments are open to all pilots without exception.

Game Rules: 
First game starts at 10:30 pm
Winners are decided by an adjusted Kill count (Remaining Lives (+) Kill Count (-) Crashes = Kill Count per Game).
Teams are decided by signup order.
Coordinator may move participants to the next Team to balance player count.
All players Kill Counts are reported in Sign-up Post.
Do not depart the Tournament until Next Teams are posted by the Coordinator.  Your score may be good enough to move on.
Each player must take a screen shot of each game tally to facilitate adding score due to adrenalin rush during game can cause memory loss

Play Goes:
Rounds of 3 games will be done until a clear Champion is decided.
Top Scorers move to Next Round.
Next Rounds will reduce open player slots by 4 less players (3 Teams to 2 Teams / 2 Teams to 1 Team).
Next Teams are built based on descending order of players Kill Counts. Top scorers move on until all player slots filled.
Play ends when Top 4 players playoff for the Championship.

Code of Conduct:
Accidently launch in the wrong ship; crash and go again.
Play from a quiet place: no TV or stereo.  Hard enough to hear weapon fire with Mics on.
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