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Tourney/AWI Game idea for Brian Greenstone
« on: May 23, 2013, 10:58:22 AM »
Is it possible for an arena venue button for players to watch only,like you can after you are killed in your match, but to watch a four way battle between players.

My idea is to have a separate arena for four way battles, when you enter this arena, the four players decide which venue to battle in by selecting the venue. Also in the menu on the main page ( where you select battle/ tutorial you place a arena tourney view only button so anyone can watch. This would be really cool for the forum members to hold tourneys but also would be a place for newbies to watch live battles to learn what AWI is about.

If this is possible, I think it would enhance the tourney play tremendously. How cool would it be to watch the tourney battles of all the participants.

Even if there were no tourney at the time, it would be a place to have battles with a live audience. You would need a button in the live arena to give the four players a choice to exclude sound from the viewers if they wanted that option.

You could also have the tourney sponsor submit a list of players for the tourney to you and set aside a block of time each day of the tourney duration that only would allow access to the tourney players in this arena. Otherwise it would open to all AWI players.

What do you think Brian?
Our epic battle this morning with Krichwins inspired this idea, I think it would be awesome!
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