What's your favorite SpaceCraft

Bubble Saucer
Battle Cruiser
'59 Starfighter
The Shredder
The Drone

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What is your favorite SpaceCraft
« on: March 09, 2013, 03:10:29 PM »
I think we have had enough time to decide guys ;). What's your favorite Space thing or whatever you want to call it? Why do enjoy using it? How often do you win with it? Etc........

My personal favorite is the Hovercraft:

- Hovers
- It's Fast
- I holds a decent amount of ammunition
- It can take hits decently


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Re: What is your favorite SpaceCraft
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 03:42:31 PM »
You're correct about the Hovercraft stats being high in those 4 areas, & it is the crowd favorite for that reason.  BUT, you forgot that it also holds the most wind by far at 13 seconds or something, too, AND that it's no less maneuverable than the Drone or the '59, so it's covered very well on all 6 or 7 fronts in comparison (the 7th being target size being fairly small, too).  The Battle Cruiser & Shredder have all but been abandoned already.  A few still try them, but they give up as I've yet to see anyone do well w/them like a SumoZ or KS32 who can make slower planes in AW like the Bomber look worth using. 

I was just looking at the reviews again while placing mine & the "sluggishness" of the ships compared w/the AW planes was the most common complaint aside from the crashing issue.  W/how little ammo the '59 & Drone carry & w/how they don't take as much damage, either, it seems they should at least be made a little more maneuverable.  Whatever the case may be, I'm sticking w/the Drone for now despite the fact that the Hovercraft is definitely better.  I just feel more comfortable in it & seem to be able to aim my shots better in it.  At the rate it's going, though, I might be forced to go back to the Hovercraft w/guys like you & Brent & Deron all kicking Butt more & more in the Hovercraft.
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Re: What is your favorite SpaceCraft
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2013, 05:42:50 PM »
I feel like the Hover Craft is kind of a combination of the quad and Bi-Plane based on stats. The maneuverability feels just lke the good ol' Tibby too. I do have issues with crashing too much with AWI but I think I'm starting to get better after just starting to play 2 days ago. I really like the Bubble Sauser as well. If you can collect those red power-ups it's stats will be better than the Hover Craft.
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Re: What is your favorite SpaceCraft
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2013, 06:25:40 AM »
I just accidentally picked the basic, free Saucer.  I have to say it's not a bad ship at all.  Definitely as good a free plane as the Dart.  I think I'd rather fly the Saucer than the Shredder or the Battle Cruiser, but I haven't used those three ships enough to be sure.