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Why Eggs are Epic
« on: December 08, 2010, 08:00:15 AM »
The vast majority of multiplayer games on Nano are Battles. To many players, Capture the Eggs lacks the excitement of dogfights. But some of my most exciting games have been Egg Captures, played with the ever wily GuitarGadfly.

The paramount concern in egg capture is time: the time it takes you to fly out, get eggs and bring them back to your base. Losing your life doesn't matter, except insofar as in dying you lose time when you respawn back at the base without that egg you were carrying.

Placing a premium on time means placing a premium on accurate flight when you swoop down to get eggs and on keeping a steady supply of fuel for your jetpack. Because the other guy has good shields and infinite lives, engaging your opponent in combat is self-defeating if the time spent harrying him is more than the time lost by him.

This is when many players lose interest. "What, I don't get to kill the other guy?" But they're missing the point. By giving players a goal more important than mere bloodshed, Egg Capture places a premium on the surgical strike: shooting the other guy down when he's invested a lot of his time in flying out to get an egg.

And there's one final twist: you can take the other guy's eggs and carry them around. Until you drop the egg, it won't respawn at its original nest. Stealing an egg is pointless during the game's early stages, but when your opponent has collected 4/5 eggs, stealing an egg leaves your opponent with nothing to do, except of course shoot you down.

Last night I had an epic egg battle with GuitarGadfly on the small egg field. At the end he had my last egg hostage. But by the same measure he couldn't go grab his last egg until he'd dropped mine. So we had a vicious stalemate in which we each died several times. The dropped egg would fall in the heather and I'd scramble to try to grab it, or sometimes fly like mad for the nest in hopes it would respawn.

On my wishlist for an app update: a different field to be used for 3-person egg battles, so that teams are all even.


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Re: Why Eggs are Epic
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Now THAT sounds cool


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Re: Why Eggs are Epic
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I agree with you but it's not easy to find gamers !
Maybe the solution is to create new "system" and find game and players ?