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General iOS & App Store Discussion / Re: Apple TV 4
« on: November 27, 2015, 11:40:05 AM »
First...I love Pangea games. I've spent more time playing heart-pumping Nucleus and Nanosaur on my Mac than I care to think about. My grandkids love Ottomatic and Bugdom II which I also love. And Nanosaur II is just too good, especially in 3d. I was really glad to see the ATV versions and thanks for honoring my prior purchases.
Main reason for writing is the 'playability' factor for two of the games, Bugdom and Nucleus. I tried using the Apple remote, but prefer my new Steelseries Nimbus. On Nucleus, the controller doesn't allow fine turning (rotating) of the shooter, and it is difficult to control the movement of the ship. In Bugdom, your controller diagrams don't match the actions of the Nimbus buttons, i.e. I can't seem to jump without firing a buddy bug using the Nimbus. And, the Y button seems inactive. Are these Pangea issues, or Nimbus issues (or both?).

For my part, I'll promote your games to friends and family. I really hope that sales will pick up, esp during Holidays. All the best!

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