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Bugdom 2 / Re: 15 Reasons Sam the Snail is an evil wizard...
« on: January 07, 2016, 04:24:01 PM »
As amusing as this theory is, there are some holes.

I doubt that Sam the snail is King Thorax reincarnated. There are sixteen anthills in level 9 in Bugdom 2. There is only one anthill that we know of in the first game. This means that in three years (the gap given by the game developer) ants have largely taken over the bugdom, completely overpopulating it. Rollie McFly at this point is dead, because pillbugs only live 2 years at most. Why would Thorax want to destroy the fire ants who have taken control of the bugdom once again?

I do agree that Thorax's influence can be detected throughout the game. His ghost possesses the garden gnomes, toys, and haunted vacuum cleaners in the closet level.

Before now I had considered Skip's terrorist attack against the ants as his own twisted actions until this poster pointed out the influence Sam the snail has on Skip. This will be an interesting theory to develop. Why does Sam have so much influence on Skip? In fact, at the beginning of the game, Sam introduces himself to Skip - they had never before met! Skip seems to be so completely desperate to get the knapsack that he does whatever Sam tells him to do.

Anyway, I especially like the possibility of the bee hive at the end burning down and Sam closing Skip within. There is a lot of hypothesizing to do here. Very nice.  :)

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