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15 Reasons Sam the Snail is an evil wizard...
« on: July 16, 2012, 08:21:32 PM »
This entire post is a testament to the fact that I am waaaay too obsessed with Pangea Software games. Also, I thought it would just be plain fun. Anyways, without further ado...

At first impressions, Sam the Snail appears to be an all around nice little critter. But then you have to look at the moral and ethical implications of some of the tasks he bestows upon you. Some of this evidence lead me to believe that Sam might actually be an evil wizard...or perhaps...King Thorax in disguise!

Despite how serious Skip's situation is, Sam sees it as an opportunity to manipulate him into doing his bidding, whether it's furthering his plot revenge against the Bugdom, or just pure amusement. Every time he has Skip perform a task, the task seems to get more and more morally questionable...

1. The scarecrow. What does a snail need with a scarecrow? Especially with one that size? What he really had Skip create was some sort of satanic symbol, or maybe a voodoo of some sort. What plans does he have with it? We may never know...

2. Telling Sam to look for a key in a swimming pool, a freakin' death trap. And yet what does Skip do? He goes and gets it! Sure, he may have survived, but now Sam has Skip completely under his spell, allowing him to manipulate Skip into putting himself in harm's way even more, which leads to...

3. The baseball. Having you roll around in a snake infested, firecracker littered hellhole to...squash some berries?! What does he need with those squashed berries, anyway? Food for his new, evil army? Whatever the case, he's having Skip doing some dangerous stuff, but it gets worse...

4. ...when he asks you to rid the infestation of fleas and ticks off his massive hell hound, once again putting Skip in harm's way, in exchange for allowing access to the sewer, which will lead Skip to the house, which brings us to another issue...

5. Having Skip believe that the sewer is the ONLY way inside of the house. Of course, it's a dangerous way, filled with hazards such as nails and poop. Why did he pick this way? Maybe he wanted Skip to scout out an evil lair for his new army.

6. The Marble. That's no freakin' marble. That's King Thorax's magical scepter melted down into a spherical form, by Rollie McFly, which was then locked away inside of the house. Obviously he wanted his scepter back.

7. Slot cars. I dunno, maybe he wanted to see if you are worthy of overthrowing him. After beating him in the race, he knew he needed to put you under his thumb even more, even if it means using subliminal messages, such as...

8. The Otto Matic puzzle. What does it all mean?!!! Maybe it has something to do with those evil Otto Matic wind up toys in the playroom? A warning?

9. Moth balls. To scare off his most hated enemies, moths.

10. The red clovers. Again, more magical artifacts to do his bidding.

11. Here comes the ultimate moral/ethical breach of all. Sam has Skip build a balsa plane and bomb an entire civilization of ant hills in exchange for telling him where Bully Bee went. Why wipe out an entire civilization? Maybe Sam wanted every remnant of his failed dream of conquest to be eradicated, and sees bombing his former Fire Ant empire as a means of eliminating any association he could have with King Thorax.

12. Fishing. Again, removing the enemy. Fish get in the way of things.

13. Picnic basket. Like Sam would actually care about human needs. He wants food for his new army. In the process, you have to kill off all of those pesky picnic ants.

14. That was an awful big fire Sam had Skip start underneath the beehive, maybe a little too big, big enough to burn down the entire hive. He then has Skip go in it to retrieve his knapsack! Have you noticed that we never actually see Skip leave the hive after?!!! Did Skip even survive?!!! Clearly Skip has outlived his usefulness to Sam, and had to tie up loose ends. If Skip got away, King Rollie would have a witness. He had to be eliminated. Alas poor Skip, we hardly knew ye.

15. Oh, and those colorful keys he gives you? Only a wizard could make those. After all, they were the same keys used in King Thorax's Empire.

So in short, Sam is King Thorax in disguise getting his revenge of Rollie McFly by manipulating a grasshopper into building and retrieving magical artifacts such as his voodoo scarecrow and his magical scepter, eliminating his enemies and any ties to his past, and hiding the evidence in the process. Sam/Thorax is now ready to retake control of the Bugdom once again. Will anyone try to stop him? God willing we'll find out in Bugdom 3: The Search for More Money.


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Re: 15 Reasons Sam the Snail is an evil wizard...
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2016, 04:24:01 PM »
As amusing as this theory is, there are some holes.

I doubt that Sam the snail is King Thorax reincarnated. There are sixteen anthills in level 9 in Bugdom 2. There is only one anthill that we know of in the first game. This means that in three years (the gap given by the game developer) ants have largely taken over the bugdom, completely overpopulating it. Rollie McFly at this point is dead, because pillbugs only live 2 years at most. Why would Thorax want to destroy the fire ants who have taken control of the bugdom once again?

I do agree that Thorax's influence can be detected throughout the game. His ghost possesses the garden gnomes, toys, and haunted vacuum cleaners in the closet level.

Before now I had considered Skip's terrorist attack against the ants as his own twisted actions until this poster pointed out the influence Sam the snail has on Skip. This will be an interesting theory to develop. Why does Sam have so much influence on Skip? In fact, at the beginning of the game, Sam introduces himself to Skip - they had never before met! Skip seems to be so completely desperate to get the knapsack that he does whatever Sam tells him to do.

Anyway, I especially like the possibility of the bee hive at the end burning down and Sam closing Skip within. There is a lot of hypothesizing to do here. Very nice.  :)