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Weekend Warrior comments.
« on: February 07, 2014, 06:59:04 PM »
I love classic old games. Overall, Weekend Warrior is an impressive and original game for the Mac. It is quite the achievement to be able to claim to have made the first purely 3D game ever. I noticed that several things in the game were later featured in Otto Matic, such as the venus fly traps, the balloons containing items, and the spiraling tunnel walkway.

The in-game action voices are full of funny puns, but some of the lines are just awful (Nice shorts, Mailboy!).

Gosh, this game has some of the most hilariously incorrect elements I have seen. First, Sumo Wrestlers in a Chinese Pagoda? Not only is a pagoda an inappropriate setting for them to be in, Sumo isn't even a Chinese sport. Next, buzzsaws built into the floor of the Haunted House aren't very haunted, thats just madness. But by far the most incorrect thing in the game is the African tribal mask that links to the Mayan Temple; something not even remotely related. But even still not as so when the accouncer says that there's a piƱata in the temple. SERIOUSLY, Pangea?