Author Topic: AWI CHANGES..CAN'T HURT  (Read 2463 times)


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« on: June 15, 2015, 08:21:23 AM »
Recent discussions on why AWI isn't more popular with AW comes down to two things...orbs and hit something you die, instead of damage. Read below.

As one of the top players of AWI...I can tell you that the dogfighting element was alive and well represented by the group that stuck around for the first year. I played it exclusively for a year, NO is still an awesome game, but the waiting for player became an issue at about the 10 month...sadly.. like wiggy said..I needed my addiction fix...and came back to AW.
I think one of the reasons it did not catch on with most AW players is that it was different than AW visually, The process to start the game was WAY different the AW, and I believe this was the downfall of AWI catching on with most AW players. Collecting orbs was a process necessary to achieve maximum speed, and each ship had a different amount to collect, some a significant amount more..and this was a disadvantage to those who had to collect the most. As the regulars played more and more, it became part of the strategy to collect them in a specific and deliberate process, and was not a big deal to us. But I will say, if Biggie G had not added the orbs you had to collect to reach maximum speed, things could have been different as far as player retention of AW players.

Crashing into something and you died, could have been crash into something and receive damage.

But I think the biggest reason it didn't catch on with most AW players is went from being pretty damn good at AW, to a game that challenged you in a whole new way, you had to learn something different, and you were crashing and getting frustrated, the learning curve was too steep for your ego, you all gave up and went back to did not give it a chance, you chose to go back to something you knew.

My suggestion is to go back and start with the hovercraft, the BLUE round ship, it is the best one in the game...ask any of us who played...BK, Deron, JJ THEO, Darrell, EFM, TOS, COWBOY, PRANAV, DANSAID,WIGGY ...


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« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2015, 08:41:30 AM »
Just found this board and had to say hello and that I agree fully with BK.

I love AWI but just got (get) tired of waiting for a game...
So I play regular AW most the time now...

Cudos to all you great players out there, btw...
man, BK you creamed me so many times!!!

But AWI is a great game and I wish the devs could do something to get it more attention...