Author Topic: Cro-Mag freezes and crashes in last week esp last 48hrs (GameCenter?)  (Read 3998 times)


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Hi, just curious if others have been seeing the same freezes and crashes in Cro-Mag v2.3 that I've been seeing on my iPod Touch recently.  Since the code hasn't changed, these are probably temporary GameCenter issues with starting up a new game:

1) after making a 2-player match, confirming the course, and selecting one's own vehicle, you see your vehicle selection but the other player never makes a selection (an unrecoverable situation requiring quitting and restarting Cro-Mag)

2) after making a 2-player match and confirming the course, the screen goes full black with no buttons or other available actions (similarly unrecoverable, and probably the corresponding cause of what happened to "the other player" in issue #1 above

3) after making a 2-player match, the game crashes entirely and returns to the iOS home screen of app icons

I saw all three of these issues tonight, some more than once, and all *after* doing a preventative reboot of my iPod Touch.

Anybody else seeing this?  ???

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Re: Cro-Mag freezes and crashes in last week esp last 48hrs (GameCenter?)
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2011, 08:07:39 AM »
The black screen issue is a bug in Game Center that happens once in a while.  If it happens constantly then rebooting often fixes it.  As for crashing-crashing, that I'm not aware of.