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Brian Greenstone, CEO Pangea

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Multiplayer Madness Sale
« on: October 26, 2012, 11:25:27 AM »
Austin, Texas – October 26th, 2012 – Pangea Software announces Multiplayer Madness Sale

Pangea Software has created many popular multiplayer games for iOS, and for this weekend, they’ve put all of them on sale for just $0.99.  All of Pangea’s multiplayer games use Game Center to auto-match players from around the world, and make use of Voice Chat to make the battles, races, and puzzle solving a truly social experience.

Pangea’s most popular multiplayer game is Air Wings, and as always, Air Wings is free.  The other three multiplayer games are regularly priced between $2.99 and $3.99.  These paid games are as follows:

Nanosaur 2: In this game you pilot a time traveling pterodactyl from the future.  The multiplayer modes include Battle, Racing, and Capture-the-Flag.

Cro-Mag Rally:  This is a 3D racing game where you drive Stone Age cars through ancient environments while throwing primitive weapons at your opponents.  In addition to the single-player racing modes, Cro-Mag Rally also has three multiplayer modes:  Racing, Tag, and Capture-the-Flag.

Enigmo:  This was Pangea’s first huge hit on iOS with well over a million paid copies sold.  It is the game that coined the phrase “physics based puzzle game”, and it has a multiplayer mode where you compete against other players online to solve the 3D puzzles.

“It’s clear to us that multiplayer games are the future for Pangea Software,” says Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software, “Multiplayer games are the ones we love to play the most, and Air Wings has been such a humongous success and become so popular that this sets the model for the games we will be releasing down the line.”

Pangea is currently working on a new multiplayer game which is still under wraps, but they hope to reveal it early next year.  Air Wings can be downloaded for free at