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Nucleus -Constructive Criticism
« on: January 20, 2011, 04:33:38 PM »
Hey guys, thanks so much for the free download! 

I'm in the middle of organizing ~80 Terabytes of image files spread across about 55 hard drives, so jumping into game mode here and there is preserving my sanity.

Nucleus is visually great and I'm having fun playing it, but the game doesn't have a great amount of scalable progressions from one difficulty to the next before it gets pretty insane and with limited ability to precisely control the space ship, winning and losing sometimes doesn't feel as much skill based as arbitrary bad luck.

Nucleus that I'd pay for:

Availability of music preference set to 'off.'
Not to offend Aleksander, but most of the time I'm playing my own music and while this is an arcade style game and the musical score is very appropriate, if I'm work detoxing, I'd rather to do it to my own soundtrack.  Total muting on pause would also be nice, especially when I have to answer the business phone.

Ship Controls:
-instead of slow backing up, the back button would be awesome as a 180ยบ reverse so you can easily stop 100% of forward movement with a true reverse thrust, and be able to turn to fire quickly behind you.

-selectable weapons after pickups would be cool, especially the nuclear clear screen pickup, but even if you didn't have selection options, if the pickups were cumulative and the weapons downgraded back to base as you ran thru the pickups you just grabbed, that would extend the playability as the difficulty raises as well.

-after you've progress thru something like 6 levels, a base gun upgrade would be appropriate.

-a small incidence flash off the front of the gun to clear ultra-close objects while targeting more distant objects, especially the hard to see metal trash bits from (level 6?)

-A clear indication that you're about to lose them.

The Singularities:
-The sucking action of them is fine, but the 6x faster than anything else on the map accelerations of objects at you seem like adding insult to injury.

As I said, I'm really enjoying playing so far, and I offer my ideas only as a possible route for improvement.
I only started last night and don't feel like this is a game that I would continually delve into to try to best my best score.  Even with the skill garnered from playing 50x times, it's still fairly easy to lose a ship on the first level when the perfect storm converges around you and you only the pea-cannon and imprecise ship controls to get out of it.

Kudos to your other games also, my daughter loves Cro-Mag & Nanosaur, and my son and I enjoyed playing Enigmo.

Brian Greenstone, CEO Pangea

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Re: Nucleus -Constructive Criticism
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2011, 04:37:00 PM »
You can toggle the music in all of our games with the M key.



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Re: Nucleus -Constructive Criticism
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2012, 05:29:57 PM »
Thanks, Brian.  Simple solutions are the best.